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Adding the Formstack Sign integration to your Nowcerts account is very easy!  First, you'll need to navigate in your Nowcert's account to the Configure API section by clicking Account > Agency > Profile > Configure API.  Then, you'll scroll down to the "Formstack Settings" section, enter your Formstack Sign username & password and click "Update".  Your accounts are now connected!



To use the Formstack Sign integration simply navigate to a client's detail page. Once your details are filled in whenever you go to send a file/form you will see a checkbox to select Formstack Sign when sending files out.



Click the "Send Selected Files" button once you're ready. After selecting that button, you will be greeted by a Formstack Sign login page where you can enter your Formstack Sign credentials.


If sent successfully, you will see a success confirmation message in a green banner as shown in the screenshot below.



Once everything is completed and the document is sent out you will now be able to download, open, and/or view document details within the Esign docs area underneath the documents tab.


If you have any questions or experience technical difficulties with the Nowcerts integration, please contact the Nowcerts Support Team via email at
For inquiries regarding your Formstack Sign account, please click here to open a ticket with our Support Team.


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