Document Stuck in Field Placement

At times if there is an issue with the document file it may get stuck in a field placement loop. You can generally tell this has occurred if the document returns to the field placement status on the Docs page after sending the document for signature. 


The quickest way to resolve this would be to recreate the document file it self and create a fresh document packet for sending with the new document file.


To resolve this we would recommend recreating the document with the following workflow. 

1. Cancel the current document packet. 

2. Open the document file in a PDF reader such as Adobe Acrobat Reader.

3. Hit "Ctrl + P" on your keyboard or click on "File" and then select "Print".

4. This will open the print window. Click on the drop-down menu under "Printer" and from the options presented select "Microsoft Print to PDF". then print it.

5. This will create a new pdf file of your document generally free from any corruption or missing information needed to upload properly to our service.

6. Upload the new document file to FormStack Sign and setup as normal for sending. 

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