Working with Field Templates

You can save your current field placements as a Field Overlay Template to apply to other documents in the future. This is a great way to speed up sending frequently used documents.

To create a template for your current document, make sure you have placed all fields you want to have saved. 



Then click the Templates button. 


Then click Create New Template



You will choose a name for the template and a category. You will also select whether the template is visible just for you, or for your entire team. Your Template is now created to be used for a future document and will be added to your Templates menu. 






To access previously created templates on future documents, upload your document and add your participants as usual then press the Next > button.

Then on the field placement screen, click the Templates button


This will lead you to the Templates popup. From here, you can create, delete, or apply templates.

To apply a template simply select the template you wish to use, choose the start page and if you would like it to overwrite any fields currently on the document and click Apply Template to add this to your document. 


To Edit a Template 

Simply Apply the template to your document, make your changes and create a new template from the adjustment. Then Delete the original template from your templates menu.

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