Changes to Login and Account Management - Coming Soon!

Easy Login

With one set of login credentials, the new Formstack admin panel provides enhanced security and makes it easier to switch between products without having to login multiple times or remember multiple passwords. 


Switch between available products seamlessly from the new product switcher.



Enhanced Security

We’re upgrading available security settings across products. Admin users on all plan levels will now be able to adjust the password requirements and session time for all users. Two-factor authentication will also become a standard option. 



Better User Management

We’re introducing a new admin site which combines user and permission management across all products. As a part of this launch, Admin users will now access these settings via a new Profile dropdown menu. User management, company information, profile information, and security settings will all be accessed here. 



What’s Coming in the Future?

  • Consolidated Billing - Manage all your products’ billing in one spot
  • Simpler, easy to understand pricing
  • Additional product access, and tighter integration between products

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