Managing Users

Introducing the new User Management Table. This is where Platform Admins can go to manage all users across their product stack. This document will provide a brief overview of how to use this page of the Admin Panel.


Search and Filter Users

Searching Users

Search across your entire user list using the search bar below the ‘Add Users’ button.


It’s possible to search by name, email address,...

Filtering Users

Use the dropdown menu at the top of the user table to filter your users by product access. When viewing all users, you may also filter by platform access.


When filtering by product access, it’s possible to further filter by product role.


Adding Users

Invite users one at a time to your account by clicking on the ‘Add Users’ button above the search bar. Learn more about inviting users here.


The User Table


When viewing all users their product access and platform access can be seen, while when viewing users of a single product, last product login, product permission level, and platform can be seen.


All views will allow Platform Admins to take specific actions on a user or selected group of users including editing a user (product and platform access), triggering a password reset, removing a user, and re-sending an invite.

If you want to apply actions to a group, simply check the box of the users you’re interested in updating.


Once you’ve selected all of the users you’re interested in updating, select the action you want to take including:

  • Update Platform Access: This is where you can change the role of the users
  • Resend Invites: Resend user invites to those who have not yet accepted
  • Remove Users: Delete users from your account

Here’s the good news about these bulk actions, let’s say you select and admin in a group of Standard users. If you go to change the role to Admin for the bulk of users, the update will only be applied to those who are not Admins.

Once you’ve made the changes, you will see a success message at the top of your screen like this:


Note: Checking the box in the header will select all users visible on the page not all users in your organization.

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