Admin Panel Overview

The Formstack Administration site is your one-stop for all Formstack user and account settings.


The new Formstack Admin Panel makes account management easier and more efficient. Here, you can do the following: 

1. Profile: On this page, you can:

      1. Edit your personal information (name, avatar, time zone)
      2. Change your password
      3. View your platform role (basic or Platform Admin)
      4. View your product access (Platform Admins can edit their own access rights)
      5. Enable or Disable 2-factor Authentication and manage backup codes

2. Account: Platform Admins can manage account and security settings for all products

      1. Account Settings:
        1. Update your Account’s name
        2. Add your company logo
        3. View your Account ID for Support purposes
      2. Security Settings:
        1. Set a minimum password length requirement greater than 6
        2. Set additional password requirements
        3. Set the session timeout length

3. Users: Platform Admins can manage users across the account and products

      1. Manage Users:
        1. Add/Invite new users to your account
        2. View all users across products or filter by product
        3. Edit user settings and platform and product access
        4. Send password reset emails to users
        5. Re-send invitations to new users who haven’t accepted their invitations

4. Products: View and access all products you have access to and start trials of products you don’t

      1. Your Product Stack:
        1. View all products that belong to your account
        2. Access available products by clicking the blue ‘Open’ button below the associated product
        3. Learn more about other products Formstack offers
        4. Start Trials of select products by clicking the ‘Start Trial’ button next to the product name

5. Explore Formstack: Click on a product to learn more about it and start a trial (Select products)


6. Product Switcher: Click on the square icon in the top corner to view all products you have access to and quickly navigate to the one you need to use. Use the Product Switcher in the product header to move to another product or back to the Admin site. 

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