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Can there be multiple pages needing signatures or initials?



Can I capture a signature in person instead of sending it by email? 

Yes, you can enable this feature on your account with the specific document you'd like to use.


 Can a document be sent for approval before a signature is captured? 

Yes, you can make changes to a document to ensure it's approved before capturing a signature. 


Can we use any document or only a Formstack approved document?

Any document can be used


Is it safe to use if you have sensitive information? DOB, Social security number, driver license number, etc.

You can enable Password protection if your document contains sensitive information. 


Once we send the document and we missed a “Spot” can we go back and edit the document that was sent? Or would we have to start a new document all over?

As long as the signing process hasn’t begun yet, you can recall the document so you can resume editing. However, once someone has signed the document, you will need to cancel it and start over in order to make these changes. 


Is there a way to have documents uploaded into our profile and saved?

If you want to save a copy of the document that people can easily share and sign, a reusable form would be the best option(Only available on the Pro and Enterprise plans). 


Can I stack multiple forms into a single document/session?



Is it possible to get the signatures in no particular order?

No, we currently only support sequenced signing


Can we add our Company logo?

Yes, you can upload a custom logo to the document, prior to uploading to sign


If someone forgets to sign a document, do you have a feature to remind them?

Yes, we have a reminder feature that can be used to send a reminder by email or text.


Where is data stored? 

We can store data in the US or Canada with the option of choosing where available on our Enterprise plan


What is the pricing?

Pricing can be found Here


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