HUB | Activity Based Workflow

What is it for

This specific feature was built exclusively for HUB International and utilizes its use case. In most cases, Applied Epic integration ties documents to policies.

Using HUB International’s Applied Epic integration, Formstack Sign will associate the final signed attachment to a specific activity instead of policy, as well as include activity notes for every document event from the time the document was generated until it was signed.


How to set up your document

STEP 1 - Use the “Search Applied Epic” button to add a participant. Note that this option is only available on one participant. If your document has multiple participants, this button will not show up again once it’s used.



STEP 2 - When the Search box pops up, you will see two available search options; Name and Account Code. If you know the account code, please use that instead of the name option, especially if you’re searching for common names as this could return a large number of results which will slow down your search.



STEP 3 - Select the correct contact from the search results to populate the email address to use as the participant. Note that one contact may have multiple email addresses associated with it, in which case you may choose whichever one you prefer.



It doesn’t matter which email address you select, the activity will still be attached to that participant where the selected email address appeared in.



STEP 4 - When the document is signed, you will see the file icon on the left side, as shown below.




Other things to note

  • HUB International employees are set up in the backend to see search results based on specific parameters. If you’re not seeing a specific contact in your search and you know for sure this contact exists, please reach out to your Epic admin to check and/or update your permissions.
  • If an activity is open somewhere else in Epic, it locks that activity until it’s closed or until an admin goes through all the locks and closes them. When this happens, the integration will try to send the note again but will stop after several attempts. This will result in misses on activity notes. Please reach out to Sign Support and request that a Developer checks the logs for the missing activities.
  • This feature is only available to the HUB International group. If you are using the Applied Epic integration, please refer to this page on how to use Sign's Applied Epic integration.



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