Matching Template

It is now possible to apply a template that matches an uploaded document, saving the task of manually applying fields to the document. 


Once a document is uploaded in the upload tray, if there is an icon in the lower-left corner of the document, this indicates that there is a template available that may match the uploaded document. 



Once you click on the “Overlay Template Available” icon, a new screen will appear which will display the potentially matching templates. From here, you may preview the template(s) and select a template to apply to the document. 



Once the template is applied, the “Overlay Template Available” icon will change to include a  checkmark, indicating that the saved template has been applied to the document. 



Note: If the document does not have an icon, this means that there is not a template that has been detected as a match. 


Once applied, the document will populate the fields from the saved template.


To save a new template, apply the fields within the document, and then choose “templates”. From here, choose the option to “Create New Template”. You may choose the name and the category/tag from a drop-down list or type a new category name.


Additional options include keeping the template private and providing the text that will be used to search for and identify a match. 



Note: This does need to be an exact match and a unique text string. It will scan the entire document to search for the text.

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