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The Formstack Sign (formerly InsureSign) billing experience is changing soon. The functionality will be like your existing experience, but it will be in-app. Additionally, if you are a customer of Formstack that uses Sign, Documents, Forms, and/or Sync, you will get a single bill from Formstack rather than many.

Want more details? See below for more FAQs about this change.


What all is changing?

This release will help you manage your account and improve the way you manage team members as it relates to billing.

Here are the top features coming your way:

  • View and compare plans from within your account
  • Upgrade or move from a monthly to a yearly account
  • Edit your billing information like the credit card
  • View and download all invoices


Does this change my billing due date?

If you are a customer of only Formstack Sign, no, your billing due date will remain the same.

If you are a customer of other Formstack products, like Sync, Documents, or Forms, your billing date will now align with your existing Formstack billing date.


What does this do to our statements?

After the upgrade, your statements will reflect the "Formstack" branding and come from Formstack as well. If you are using additional products within the Formstack family, like Sync, Documents, and/or Forms, you will now receive one bill.


Will that affect and upcoming renewals?

All of your current settings and renewal dates will remain the same.


After these changes, where will I see my account’s billing details?

For your historical records, you will continue to have access to the legacy system - we will have a handy dandy link for quick access to that in the new experience. After we make the updates, for all future billing management you will see all records within the app.


How will I change our account billing information after the release? 

With the changes, you will be able to manage all your billing needs within the Formstack Sign (formerly InsureSign) in-app experience. You can download invoices, edit billing information, view and compare plans, and even upgrade within the app.


Will I need to do anything when this change happens?

Nope! We have you covered. With these changes, all your existing information will migrate over and be accessible in the new system.  On the rare occasion that we need you to do something, we will contact you individually.


Will there be more information about how to manage my account in the future?

Of course! When we release these changes, our team will have documentation to guide you when managing your billing. Be on the lookout for more support materials to help you.


Wait, who is Formstack?

Formstack announced its acquisition of InsureSign in July of 2019 and rebranded the product as Formstack Sign in November 2019. This billing change is the product of Formstack bringing Sign into the Formstack family of products and improving your experience along the way.


Formstack is a software company with a mission to transform the way people collect information and put it to work. Its workplace productivity platform offers flexible, secure data collection and process automation products that empower users from all industries to reduce data chose and solve important business problems. Formstack is a remote-first workplace with employees who live and work all over the world. The award-winning company has been recognized for providing a top SaaS solution for productivity and for being the best place to work in both Indiana and Colorado.

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