How to Read the Document Audit

The Document audit is the certificate added to the last pages of your signed document. From this audit, we can see many things about what is currently occurring on the document and who has signed or approved the document. 


In the image above we will see several pieces of information included.

Document Reference : 14807825-cdb3-4b77-8b5c-a110bc966dbc
-This is what we would consider the document ID number the document is stored under on our servers.

Document Title : How To Read The Audit
-This is the document title that you enter prior to sending.

Document Region : Northern Virginia
-This is the geographical region our documents are stored in - All US based customers will see this as Northern Virginia

Sender Name : Agents Account
-Creator of the Document Packet

Sender Email :
-User Account Email address of Creator

Total Document Pages : 3
-Total Pages included. (Less the Audit pages)

Secondary Security : Not Required
-If a password was added to the document this will be notated here.


  1. (

    2. Agents Account (
-All recipients and signers for the document



-Any CCed email addresses that will automatically be sent a signed copy of the document. 


Moving to the next section of the Audit we have the  Document History

Any action taken after the document was sent will be listed here and time-stamped. When it was sent and who it was sent to as well as when and how they opened and viewed the document. 

The Entry marked
 08/30/2019 14:05PM PDT Signed by

This shows us that the recipient ( has completed their signing portion of the document.

In the final sections, we see a few other instances on the document 

The entry -
08/30/2019 14:06PM PDT Approved by Agents Account

This tells us that no signing fields were assigned to the participant and the individual was only to open and view/approve the document to complete their signing responsibility. 




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