QQCatalyst and Formstack Sign

If you use QQCatalyst you can connect your Catalyst account to Formstack Sign to be able to send documents to customers through Formstack Sign and get them back automatically.

From within your Formstack Sign account (https://admin.formstack.com/login) Please navigate to Account and My Preferences. Under Integrations you'll see QQCatalyst, click on the Connect button and follow the prompts.

If you do not see this option available please notify support (through the chat icon at lower right) that you want to turn on the Catalyst integration.


You will then log in to QQCatalyst using your QQCatalyst login information.

Give authorization to allow Formstack Sign to connect to your QQCatalyst account.

When you click Yes, you will be taken back to the Formstack Sign website. QQCatalyst is now connected to Formstack Sign.

To send a document to a QQCustomer, you can either:

  • Send the document directly to Formstack Sign from Catalyst via the "e-sign" action, or
  • Load any document into Formstack Sign as normal. When you are on the Add Participants screen, click Add Participant. You will see a new button called Search QQCatalyst. 

Click that and you can search and add customers add participants from your QQCatalyst account. Follow the screens to choose the email address and policy of the customer.

Once the document signing has been completed the final signed document will be automatically filed back into QQCatalyst under that customer and policy.


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