In-person signing (Pro feature)

With in-person signing, you can use the same simple e-signing process of Formstack Sign for participants that are in the same location as you. The process is simple:

Enabling  In-person signing:

Log in to your account, go to the Account tab then to My Preferences. You will see a checkbox called Enable In-Person Signing. Check this box and the feature will be enabled. (Pro accounts only)

Using In-person signing:

Upload a document like normal and proceed to add participants. Add your participant(s), entering the name and the email address (email address is not required if doing in-person signing). You will see a checkbox labeled In-Person Signer. Check this box if the participant is going to be signing in-person. 

Continue to place fields and click send as normal.

Signing an In-person document:

When it is time for the customer to sign; On your tablet, open your web browser and go to the signing "kiosk" at

There are two ways you can have the participant(s) access their document to sign;

Option 1:

Log in using your email address and password and check the box next to Group Login. 

This will display a number pad that the participant can enter the document code. 

Document code example:

You simply enter the document code and the proper document will be displayed. Follow the steps to get the document signed.

Option 2:

Log in with your username and password, leave Group Login unchecked.

Once logged in you will see a list of all of your documents that are waiting for in-person signing.

Find the document for your current customer, select Start Hosting, and then follow the steps to get the document signed. 

Once signed, the document will be removed from the "kiosk" queue!

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