FormStack Sign Virtual Printer - Windows

  • Download the Windows - Navigate to, login, and click on the Account link from the menu on the left and then on the My Preferences tab. Scroll down to the bottom under Optional Downloads you will see the Download Windows Version link.
  • Run the InsureSignSetup.exe file.
  • If you have a previous version of InsureSign, it will be updated.
  • Press OK to install InsureSign.
  • The setup will download the needed files and perform the install, follow the steps indicated (If a previous version was detected it will be updated in the same location).

Please check "Create a desktop icon". This is how you will log in/out of the Virtual Printer component.

Once the setup is complete, please check "Run InsureSign.exe" and click Finish. InsureSign will open and you can then log in with your InsureSign username (your email address) and password.


  • To print any document to FormStack Sign; open any document you want to send and just print to the InsureSign printer like you would to any physical printer. The document will be uploaded and you can then go to, log in with your credentials, and then continue the document and send it out for signing.
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