Adding Users

To add users (Administrators only), first go to

Ensure that you are on the Manage Users menu on the left-hand side.



From here, you have the option to add a single user, or multiple users at once.

Adding a Single User

To add a single user,  click on the Add Single User button near the top.
A new modal will pop up, which will require some basic information
You must input an email address, in order for the new user to receive the invite and begin the process of completing the account. 
Name is optional, as the invited user can add that after they have logged in for the first time.
Platform Role will default to Basic, but if you wish for them to be a Platform Admin, you can select that option instead.
App Access allows you, as an Org Administrator, to assign access to one or more Apps assigned to the Org.  In the example above, the Org only has Sign, so you would want to select Sign if you wish for the user to have Sign access.
Click the Add User button once you've entered the invitee's email address and selected a Role and App Access.

Adding Multiple Users

To add multiple users at once, instead of the Add Single User option at the top of the screen, you will select the Add Multiple Users option. 
For this option, you will need to upload a CSV of the users you wish to add, which will contain their First Name, Last Name, and Email Address.
We recommend that you download the CSV Template to ensure the best experience.
Once all users have been added to the CSV, save it and then upload by either using the Drag and Drop feature, or search for the file manually using the Choose File button.
Platform Role allows you to set the access for the uploaded users at the Org level.  Do note that all users will be assigned the same role.  The default option is Basic, but you can also select Platform Admin.
App Access allows you to specify which Apps the uploaded users can access.  Note that all users will be assigned the same App(s) that are selected here.
Once you have set the Platform Role and App Access for the uploaded users, click the Review Info button to ensure everything is correct.
Once you are satisfied, click the Upload & Assign Users button to send out invitations to the newly uploaded users. 
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