Step 1: Installing the Virtual Printer | InsureSign

Step 1: Installing the Virtual Printer

Please go to

To download he InsureSign software, click on the blue DOWNLOAD button. Please choose SAVE, as choosing RUN can cause the software to not install properly.

After the download is complete, follow your browser instructions to RUN the installation of InsureSign.

Depending on your browser you may get an alert asking what to do with the download after it is finished. You can just run it from here or browse to the file on your computer and run it from that location. Once the install program starts, you can simply follow the prompts.

After the installation has been completed, you will have a printer on your workstation named "InsureSign." Printing any document to that printer will send the document into the InsureSign software, ready to send out for e-signature! You can print multiple documents in as well, one after the other, as many as you need to send together.

* Note: This installation will need to be done once on each workstation that will be running the InsureSign virtual printer and sending documents for signature.